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ThinReport.com is your premier online weight loss shopping site, our objectives and goals are of becoming the Internet’s leader in providing timely and accurate diet and weight loss information while providing product reviews and comparison shopping.We are constantly working to update our site with educating our readers about new supplements, diets and programs that can help you stay fit and live long!

With the help of the web community, ThinReport.com is rapidly becoming THE source for information about dietary supplements and weight loss programs. ThinReport.com is that product reviews, questions and answers are provided in an unbiased manner because they come from real consumers who have tried specific weight loss products. ThinReport.com sponsored by Golden Street Media (GSM), Inc. produces all its own content using a network of writers, editors, and research experts.

Unfortunately, there are many unscrupulous players in the dietary and weight loss industry. Advertising propaganda can make purchasing decisions confusing. ThinReport.com cuts through the clutter of confusion. If you have used a dietary supplement or tried a weight loss program for health reasons, general fitness, weight loss, or any other purpose, submit a review of how the product worked for you. You will be helping to improve the quality and effectiveness of products that are currently available on the market by ensuring that people only purchase the ones that work. We will post new reports on a monthly basis. By submitting your review, you grant ThinReport.com the right to post it on the web or in other media.

To respect our readers, ThinReport.com refuses to engage in pop-up ads, pop-under ads, spamming practices, or other annoying content. We focus on providing empowering content for intelligent readers.

If you have corrections on something we’ve published, products you would like us to consider reviewing, or testimonials you’d like to share with us, we’re happy to hear from you!

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  • This forum is not moderated by anybody
  • All the visitors to the site are welcome to participate in the forum discussions
  • All the Forum participants are considered to be non-medical professionals and their views should not be construed as a medical advice
  • Any forum participant who provides health related information should always provide his true credentials for the benefit of other participants
  • The forum members must behave with dignity, mutual respect and integrity at all times. They should also not indulge in any product or service promotion.
  • Any complaint against a Forum member will be investigated with zero tolerance policy

Forum Information / Attribution Policy
The users of this forum must provide any medical information only after verifying the accuracy and relevance of the information. Any medical / health related information provided on the Forum must be accompanied by:

  • Adequate Links to any website resource
  • References to any medical / academic journal / printed material

Forum Privacy Policy
The Privacy Policy of www.thinreport.com is also applied for the forum.

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