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Anadrox: at a Glance

The Anadrox dietary supplement touts itself as one of the strongest muscle pumping and fat burning products available on the market. The website provides plenty of information (MHP-Maximum Human Performance) and on the websites of certain independent manufacturers. Apparently, Anadrox targets the serious body building crowd, and uses language, and phrases in its marketing that are targeted towards them. For example, the product is described as helping the user reach the goal of being “freaky huge and ripped”, and is created for “extreme muscle growth, and pumps”. Even thought the official MHP site does a great job of explaining how their products function, the links that lead to the testimonials and FAQ are lacking in information that would be useful to the consumer. They do show their fat burning matrix with diagrams and a step by step process, though considering the fact that the explanations are convoluted and technical, therefore it is highly doubtful that anyone would even read them at all.

Anadrox: Facts


Anadrox contains a huge amount of ingredients that are contained in several proprietary blends. It works by accelerating the bodies Nitric Oxide producing capabilities. While this free-form gas is natural and is produced by the body, severe exhaustion and fatigue can result from a deficiency. Thus, by increasing this amount can assist the body builder reach his maximum workout potential. The first ingredient list in Anadrox is listed with amounts and include a number of vitamins and minerals (zinc, copper, Vitamins C and B12), and the rest of the formula is made from proprietary blends; The Pump Nitro Folin, The Burn – Thermo 27, and Beta Receptor Site up regulating factors. These blends incorporate well-known ingredients like Green Tea and Banaba leaf extract, along with some lesser known ingredients, like L-Arginine and Purin Nucleoside, among others. The company recommends that individuals using Anadrox take 4 capsules daily — either all at once or in two separate servings. As with any substance that is powerful, it is suggested that the user measures their tolerance of the product before taking the maximum dose. This is crucial with Anadrox because the “safe” levels of the amino acid Arginine have not been researched and determined. Therefore an overdose associated with this product can lead to adverse side effects.

Anadrox: Positive Features

  • Anadrox’s blend of ingredients is beneficial to individuals who are serious about body building
  • North American Middleweight Champion Richard Jackson has endorsed this product
  • The company provides a lot of information regarding the effect the product has on the body
  • You can view the product label
  • Anadrox is relatively inexpensive, costing $24.99 for a bottle containing 112 capsules
  • You can purchase Anadrox from independent retailers

Anadrox: Negative Features

  • It is difficult to read and understand the information for Anadrox
  • There are no FAQ’s or testimonials available on the company website
  • The amino acid Arginine is can cause harm
  • There are some very dramatic and exaggerated assertions made on the company’s website
  • The product targets a very small segment of the diet market.

Anadrox: Conclusion

From all accounts, it is apparent that Anadrox is only appropriate for individuals who are serious and competitive body builders. Even casual body builders will find that this ingredient is too powerful for them, and it is definitely excessive for regular dieters. Until more is learned about Arginine, no one should use Anadrox.

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