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Andro 400 Reviews

Andro 400 is a brand of slimming pill that helps users get rid of unwanted weight through the increase of testosterone in the body. It claims to provide a slew of benefits that include a better defined physique, less appearance of fat, better blood sugar maintenance, an improvement in blood circulation, better libido function, and higher levels of DHEA.

Although there is a limited amount of information about Andro 400’s manufacturer Natural Health Solutions, a full list of ingredients used in the formulation is available on the official website for customer review.

Andro 400 – Ingredients

Eurycoma Longifolia

Andro 400 – Product Description

Andro 400

Andro 400’s claim that it can effectively foster healthy weight loss by increasing testosterone in the body is thanks to an extract of Eurycoma Longifolia included in the product’s mix, an herb that directly affects the pituitary gland that comes from Malaysian and Indonesian rain forests and is known for its medicinal uses related to treating sexual problems. This ingredient was scientifically analyzed in Kuala Lumpur and results show that men who’ve ingested this herb experienced a 73.3% improvement in sexual performance and a 90% jump in sex drive.

Other benefits linked to the potency of Andro 400’s formulation include a much needed assistance in losing body fat, especially in problem areas like the stomach. Metabolism of insulin in the body is improved, and important elements in the internal system that are in charge of storing fat are blocked effectively.

The manufacturer’s website is well constructed and is full of useful information, and buying the product safely online is possible there. Every bottle of Andro 400 contains 60 tablets, costs $39.95, and comes with a 3-month money-back guarantee. There are no known side effects of Andro 400, but a 2-hour grace period is recommended for users who are taking other meds.

Andro 400 – Advantages

  • Andro 400 claims many health benefits, including healthier testosterone production
  • Product has scientifically tested and proven ingredients
  • A 3-month money-back guarantee and free shipping are both offered
  • Website features positive customer reviews and an informative FAQ section
  • Affordable when purchased through auto shipment program
  • There are no known side effects, but a 2-hour grace period is recommended for users who are taking other meds

Andro 400 – Drawbacks

  • Auto shipment program may force users to spend money they don’t necessarily have for diet products
  • Contact information available on the website is inadequate
  • Studies referenced on the official website are limited
  • Free trial of the product is not offered

Andro 400 – The Bottom Line

Andro 400 is unlike other diet supplements because it highlights its ability to increase testosterone in the body for weight loss reasons, a benefit the product claims will fit both men and women users. The ingredients used seem to be all-natural, which may also mean zero side effects. Although purchasing the product for a cheaper price by means of an auto shipment program may seem like a tricky situation, some users believe that the 3-month money-back guarantee makes Andro 400 worth trying at least once.

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