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Appesat Overview

Appesat is a weight loss pill from the U.K., manufactured by the Goldshield company. Appesat came onto the market very recently, and immediately created quite a buzz, although it is actually a very simple appetite suppressant.

The Appestat website is very impressive, comprehensive and easy to use. The company not only provides information about their product, but also uses several weight loss tools, such as BMI and hip/waist ratio calculators to help the dieter in their endeavour. In addition to this there are separate sections on determining the correct Appesat dosage plan, healthy eating and exercise information and dieting advice and motivation. The website makes it clear that for best results Appesat should be used in conjunction with a sensible weight loss plan and encourages the user to set goals for themselves, learn new, healthy eating habits and overcome weight loss barriers.

The Appesat website has a good testimonial section that features very realistic before and after shots, discloses the results of several clinical trials performed on the product and also has a reasonable FAQ section.

Appesat – Product Description


There is no product label shown for Appesat and the only ingredient listed for the product is a seaweed called Laminaria digitata, also known as Bioginate complex. Taken 30 minutes before meals, Bioginate swells in the stomach and sends a signal to the brain that the individual is full. Some have likened this effect to having a gastric band that reduces the appetite and eliminates overeating.

The dosage plan for Appesat is quite complicated and varies depending on one’s eating schedule and ‘danger’ times, i.e. times of the day when they are likely to overeat or give in to cravings. The maximum dose per day for Appesat is 3 capsules taken 3 times a day to a maximum of nine.

Appesat Advantage

  • Appesat has a good, informative website
  • The manufacturers strongly encourage healthy eating and a regular exercise plan
  • Appestat has performed well in clinical trials
  • The website provides weight loss tools and calculators
  • Appesat has no known side effects
  • Appestat received very good press reviews upon its launch
  • Appesat contains no preservatives and is suitable for vegetarians
  • The website provides encouragement and motivation for its customers

Appesat Drawbacks

  • No full ingredient list is provided
  • Bioginate is basically kelp, which costs less than Appesat
  • No independent consumers are available for Appesat
  • Appesat is very expensive
  • The dosage schedule is complicated
  • Appesat contains no fat burners or metabolism boosters

Appesat – The Bottom Line

Although Appesat is popular in the U.K. it hasn’t received much press in North America, where the more well-known appetite suppressant is Hoodia Gordonii. Anyone taking Appesat would need to rely on their own determination and willpower to ensure they achieve optimal results with this product, although the website does provide a lot of information to help them.

The major problem with Appesat is that it costs $59.95 for a packet of 50 capsules which, if taken at the maximum dosage of 9 per day, would last less than a week, making it extremely costly.

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