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Atkins Diet At a Glance

Atkins Diet is among the most familiar diets of the past few years, but it is also the subject of controversy. While the principle underlying the diet was created by Dr. Atkins more than 3 decades ago, it gained great popularity a few years back. Sadly, the demise of Dr. Atkins and the debate surrounding his demise (he was alleged to be overweight when he died) continued to provide publicity for the diet, for all the wrong reasons. But, there remain a number of adherents to this reduced carb/high protein system that the diet is founded upon.

The website is crisply designed and relatively simple to navigate, yet it includes quite a staggering quantity of information. The four-stage plan is explained in-depth, with every stage linked to the following one or to different pertinent pages.

The site includes a number of typical segments like tales of success and FAQ’s, along with a link to the Atkins shop offering their food products and publications for sale. There is an extensive segment dedicated to the ‘science’ underlying the Atkins Diet, a peer forum, as well as practical nutrition details like Atkins’ food pyramid, suggested recipes and appropriate foods for every stage of the plan.

Atkins Diet – Facts

Atkins Diet

There are 4 phases to the Atkins Diet that users must follow in addition to purchasing Atkin foods. Enrolling in the program is free; the profit for the manufacturer comes from their product line. Essentially it depends on each client to possess the will-power and commitment to stick with the plan, but the large Atkins diet peer group is available for supportive conversation.

The first stage of the diet is referred to the Induction stage and is intended to jump start weight reduction by drastically limiting quantities of carbs permitted to 20 net carbs daily. At this stage of the diet, clients can anticipate shedding around 15 pounds in two weeks time. The second stage permits consumption of some foods with more carbs, and ascertains personal carb limit — the level whereby the body loses weight more slowly. The final pair of stages is dedicated to maintenance of lost weight and eventually reaching the stage where carbs may be consumed with no change in weight.

As stated earlier, enrolling in the diet is free, but the custom reduced-carb food merchandise is expensive, with 4 shakes at $6.99 or 5 bars for $6.29.

Atkins Diet Positive Features

  • Many people worldwide are on the popular Atkins Diet.
  • Clinical evidence exists for dramatic weight reduction with a reduced carb diet.
  • It is not required to pay an initial registration fee.
  • The diet permits a satisfactory quantity of calories for daily consumption — 1500-1800 for females.
  • The four diet stages are described in detail.
  • The diet is intended to give weight reduction a quick boost.
  • There is a massive web-based peer group accessible for support and incentive.

Atkins Diet Negative Features

  • The diet’s high protein/fat content has been documented to lead to medical problems like kidney and heart conditions.
  • The Atkins Diet is the subject of a lot of controversy in the diet industry.
  • A large amount of will-power and self-motivation are required to follow this diet.
  • The diet depends on prohibitively priced Atkins food merchandise.
  • The website fails to promote the significance of a fitness regimen.

Atkins Diet – Conclusion

Among the factors explaining the popularity of Atkins is that dieters can enjoy what would otherwise be considered ‘taboo’ foods like meat, fats and dairy, yet this is what worries medical experts.

Doubtless, reducing ‘simple’ carbs (like sugars, pastas and bread) can be advantageous, but it is never wise — either for mind or body — to leave out major categories of food for extended periods.

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