Avesil – Does Avesil Work?

Avesil: At a Glance

The Avesil product is among the newcomers in the diet industry available now. Introduced by the manufacturers of Green Brackett LLC, it claims to be a “breakthrough” in weight loss , increasing energy, and suppressing the appetite.

Avesil’s official website is pretty standard, which is possible because it is relatively new, and discloses a limited amount of information regarding the product. The firm shows news program emblems that have seemingly featured the key ingredients of Avesil, and while there are some testimonials, they don’t refer to the product and are very vague.

The layout for the website is nice and the site itself is user-friendly. It includes a satisfactory FAQ segment along with the typical ‘terms and conditions’ feature, describing in detail the complimentary trial offer.

Avesil: Facts


Avesil is composed of just four ingredients, including a patented pair. The firm states it has conducted lab research on the Avesil formulation, with data from more than 200 ingredient tests. The tests demonstrated that customers using Avesil lost as much as 300% more weight than those using placebos.

Avesil performs by raising the thermogenic or fat burners process in the system. Fat deposits are released and utilized as energy to create not only weight reduction but gains in lean muscle amounts. Super Citrimax, Chromium, Green Tea extract, and caffeine are listed as the ingredients. Chromium also regulates blood sugar levels, and thus, the appetite while Super Citrimax increases the amount of “good” cholesterol the body needs. It is too bad the product label is not depicted, thus the ingredient quantities are not identified and presumably the formulation is a proprietary blend. The maker advises taking 2 Avesil capsules, three times daily prior to mealtimes.

Avesil: Positive Features

  • Avesil contains two patented ingredients
  • A very user-friendly website
  • A free 14-day trial of Avesil is offered
  • Avesil helps all aspects of weight loss including boosting the metabolism and decreasing the appetite
  • The ingredients in the formula have undergone clinical trials
  • The company encourages a sensible diet and regular exercise
  • A FAQ section is provided on the website.

Avesil: Negative Features

  • Avesil is expensive costing $89.95 per month
  • Six capsules taken daily is the required dosage
  • Little information about the product is on the website
  • No amounts are known for the ingredients
  • Avesil contains no proven appetite suppressant such as Hoodia
  • Taking advantage of the free trial will sign the consumer up for the auto-ship program.

Avesil: Conclusion

Due to Avesil being too new of a product still, there are no good independent consumer research available on dieting websites and forums. While the makers call it revolutionary, it doesn’t appear to be that unique compared to a lot of different diet supplements available. Along with this, Avesil is quite costly and, at the present, can only be obtained straight from the official website. It is advisable to find out how well this product works in the following months prior to hastening to place an order.

Below you'll find the most effective diet products on the market, we determine these products based on 4 key factors : Active ingredients, ability to suppress appetite, fat burning potential, backed by clinical studies. Ultimately, we determined the bottom-line value of each product.



  • phenocal
  • Enhance Appetite Suppression 5-stars
  • Potential to Boost Metabolism 5-stars
  • Promote Fat Burning Potential 5-stars
  • Quality of Ingredients 5-stars
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Acai Berry


  • acai-berry-select
  • Enhance Appetite Suppression 5-stars
  • Potential to Boost Metabolism 4-stars
  • Promote Fat Burning Potential 5-stars
  • Quality of Ingredients 4-stars
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Saffron Extract


  • Saffron Extract Select
  • Enhance Appetite Suppression 5-stars
  • Potential to Boost Metabolism 4-stars
  • Promote Fat Burning Potential 3-stars
  • Quality of Ingredients 4-stars
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Resveratrol Select


  • Resveratrol Select
  • Enhance Appetite Suppression 5-stars
  • Potential to Boost Metabolism 4-stars
  • Promote Fat Burning Potential 5-stars
  • Quality of Ingredients 4-stars
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Raspberry Ketones


  • Raspberry Ketones Max
  • Enhance Appetite Suppression 4-stars
  • Potential to Boost Metabolism 3-stars
  • Promote Fat Burning Potential 5-stars
  • Quality of Ingredients 3-stars
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