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Benetol Reviews

The dietary supplement known as Benetol is available as two formulas; the Quick 7 Cleanse and 4 in 1 Weight Loss Formula. In the past, it was manufactured as Banital by TBSI Inc, a company based in Naples. As the natural ingredients contain many natural detoxifiers including Goldenseal and Beet Fiber, a healthier colon is better able to absorb nutrients. The manufacturer does recommend a good diet and gentle exercise for optimum results. Although Benetol claims to be scientifically tested, there is just speculation that the ingredients help the body to lose weight.

Benetol – Product Description


The 4 in 1 Weight Loss Formula contains natural detoxifying ingredients and a carbohydrate blocker. Add a blood glucose regulator and there will be no more sluggish feelings often accompanied by high carbohydrate foods. The Quick 7 Cleanse contains many natural ingredients including Goldenseal and Beet Fiber thought to cleanse the colon and aid digestion. When the body is better able to absorb nutrient and rid toxic fecal matter, an influx of energy will arise in the body. There is a short video explaining why it can be difficult to lose weight when the internal body is toxic on the home page If you choose to take the 4 in 1 Weight Loss formula, take it an hour prior to meals, and three Quick 7 Cleanse tablets can be taken prior to breakfast with an 8oz glass of water. One bottle of Quick 7 Cleanse retails for $49.95.

Benetol – Advantages

  • Fortunately, the manufacturer does offer a 30-day satisfaction and money back guarantee.
  • The ingredients encourage a healthier colon, which is better able to absorb nutrients and rid toxic matter
  • Receive a free bottle of Quick 7 Cleanse when you order.
  • There are several testimonials published on the website.

Benetol – Drawbacks

  • The website requests your credit card details even before you are able to check the prices of each product.
  • You will enter into an auto-shipment each month after placing your first order.
  • Available only in the US.
  • There is only speculation that the ingredients aid weight loss, there is no published evidence.

Benetol – The Bottom Line

Benetol weight loss supplement sounds like a miracle product, but weight loss is not always so extravagant and requires a long-term goal, as short-term weight loss may encourage further weight gain and it is unhealthy to rely on supplements for long-term weight loss. Beware of the auto-shipment program, but there is a 30-day money back guarantee if Benetol does not meet your weight loss demands.

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