Biolean – Does Biolean Work?

BioLean: At a Glance

The BioLean Weightloss program is comprised of a multiple-product plan that focuses on different factors of weight loss. The dosage includes taking one each of Biolean II and Biolean Free each day, as each formula targets particular weight loss issues. To substantiate the company’s assertions, the weight reduction formula’s components are stated as being listed in the 2008 Physician’s Desk Reference. Not much data is offered concerning the originator of this product, though a few major distributors assert they have studied and used each of the items they distribute to guarantee their performance and safety.

BioLean: Facts

BioLean II and BioLean Free are the components of the BioLean Weightloss plan that burn fat. These supplements utilize unique formulas that accomplish the varied fat burning outcomes that individuals receive using other supplements. The two alternatives allow users to alternate their formulas with the purpose of preventing a plateau in weight reduction. Biolean Accelerator is an adjunct to Biolean, providing additional herbs that will help users whose weight loss goals exceed 20 pounds. BioLean II’s main components include Advantra Z®, Guarana Seed extract, Green Tea Leaf extract, and L-carnitine, all of which reportedly work in conjunction to speed up metabolism and provoke fat loss by increasing thermogenesis and lipolysis rates. The ingredients in Biolean Free include Quebracho, Green Tea Leaf extract, Yerba Maté and spices, like Ginger and Tumeric, all of which work in conjunction to increase fat metabolism, quell cravings, stimulate thermogenesis, and improve energy levels without causing sleeplessness. BioLean’s system also includes other components, including Satiete which improves mood, regulates hunger, and attacks emotional eating; Lipotrim, which blocks carbs; Winrgy, an energy drink that is rich in caffeine and nutrients, which claims to increase energy levels without crashing later on; and Sure2Endure, a workout supplement, that allows users to lengthen their workouts and increase their fat burning results. Several retailers’ websites carry a full listing of all of the ingredients contained in BioleanII and BioLean Free.

BioLeanPositive Features

  • The BioLean diet plan is a thorough method of weight reduction that deals with a number of the barriers to weight loss.
  • The BioLean Weightloss System considers the individual, trying to accommodate for each one’s unique body chemistry.
  • Sleeplessness is not a documented result of taking BioLean Free.
  • BioLean supplements contain no ephedra.

BioLean: Negative Features

  • BioLean does not maintain an official online site for their product.
  • Data on the creator and maker of the BioLean Weightloss formulas is not offered.
  • The recommended dose of 4 pills daily might be annoying to certain consumers.
  • The lengthy list of products and the schedule for taking them might be baffling or discouraging to certain consumers.
  • There are no testimonials or data to support the claims of the manufacturer.

BioLean: Conclusions

The BioLean weight loss plan is a multiple-product, multi-faceted method of weight reduction. The maker (who continues to be unidentified) seems to have made minimal effort to back up the product’s assertions or validate them with research, testing, or scientific support. Although all of the products include customary weight reduction components, it is hard to ascertain whether their unique formulas justify trying this product.

Below you'll find the most effective diet products on the market, we determine these products based on 4 key factors : Active ingredients, ability to suppress appetite, fat burning potential, backed by clinical studies. Ultimately, we determined the bottom-line value of each product.



  • phenocal
  • Enhance Appetite Suppression 5-stars
  • Potential to Boost Metabolism 5-stars
  • Promote Fat Burning Potential 5-stars
  • Quality of Ingredients 5-stars
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Acai Berry


  • acai-berry-select
  • Enhance Appetite Suppression 5-stars
  • Potential to Boost Metabolism 4-stars
  • Promote Fat Burning Potential 5-stars
  • Quality of Ingredients 4-stars
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Saffron Extract


  • Saffron Extract Select
  • Enhance Appetite Suppression 5-stars
  • Potential to Boost Metabolism 4-stars
  • Promote Fat Burning Potential 3-stars
  • Quality of Ingredients 4-stars
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Resveratrol Select


  • Resveratrol Select
  • Enhance Appetite Suppression 5-stars
  • Potential to Boost Metabolism 4-stars
  • Promote Fat Burning Potential 5-stars
  • Quality of Ingredients 4-stars
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Raspberry Ketones


  • Raspberry Ketones Max
  • Enhance Appetite Suppression 4-stars
  • Potential to Boost Metabolism 3-stars
  • Promote Fat Burning Potential 5-stars
  • Quality of Ingredients 3-stars
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