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Biphedadrene Reviews

Produced by a division of Generix Labs LLC, Biphedadrene is multi functional weight loss supplement. Biphedadrene is claimed to be able to function as an appetite suppressant, energy booster, and mood enhancer. At the same time, this product also promises to increase the metabolism of fats while increasing muscular strength. Biphedadrene is promoted by its manufacturers as a, “high-quality, super-powerful, and super-effective diet pill.”

Biphedadrene – Product Description


The official product website for Biphedadrene includes a view of the supplemental dietary information for these pills. However, little to no explanation is given to clarify the exact purpose of each compound in this product’s formula. The site does indicate that one of the Biphedadrene ingredients contains an “Amphetamine Provisional Complex” which is said to suppress hunger, improve moods, and stimulate an increased breakdown of fats. This complex is claimed to be a potent thermogenic enhancer. Other information on Biphedadrene’s website warns users against using the tablets other than as indicated on the product’s label. Caution should also be observed when using Biphedadrene as part of a weight loss plan. The Biphedadrene package is divided into two types of tablets, each of which should be consumed only as directed. Biphedadrene can be purchased through the official product website for $75 for 60 tablets or $135 for 120 tablets. This product is also available through third-party retailers.

Biphedadrene – Advantages

  • Biphedadrene can be purchased through the official product website. It is also available through mainstream retailers such as Wal-Mart and GNC.
  • This is relatively moderately priced weight loss supplement, since the dosage for Biphedadrene is comparatively low.
  • This product is meant to aid individuals seeking extreme weight loss options.
  • Biphedadrene is promised to be a multi-functional weight loss supplement.

Biphedadrene – Drawbacks

  • No clinical trials seem to have been performed on Biphedadrene; therefore neither the effectiveness nor the safety of this product has been scientifically proven.
  • No free trial offers for Biphedadrene are available.
  • Biphedadrene is only recommended for individuals with drastic weight loss concerns; those seeking only moderate or mild weight loss are not recommended to use this product.
  • The official product website does not include detailed information regarding the purpose of the ingredients in Biphedadrene.
  • No customer testimonials are listed for this product.

Biphedadrene – The Bottom Line

Biphedadrene is marketed as a break-through weight loss product, but there exists a lack of scientific information to verify this claim. Additionally, since Biphedadrene is formulated to aid individuals seeking to lose extreme amounts of weight, this product is not appropriate for anyone who is not extremely obese.

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