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Bob Greene’s Best Life Diet Overview

Fans of the Oprah Winfrey Show will be familiar with Bob Greene. He is the fitness and health expert who has coached and advised Oprah throughout her many public battles with weight. She had had an ongoing relationship and affiliation with Greene ever since their co-authored book was published in 1996, which became a number one best seller.

As expected, the Bob Greene Best Life website features Oprah Winfrey, who gives a brief written forward to the site and program. She writes about the benefits, both emotional and physical, of being healthy and puts herself forward as one of the Best Life ‘success stories’.

The official site is an introduction to the entire program and, whilst outlining it thoroughly, does not give much free, additional information. Users of the site can take advantage of a free diet profile tool, and see the ordering information for Bob Greene’s series of books and audio tapes, of which there are many.

No actual testimonials are featured on the site nor is there an FAQ section.

Bob Greene’s Best Life Diet Product Description

Bob Greene’s Best Life Diet

Nothing is given away for free on this site – the potential consumer must register and become a member to gain access to all the offered features. The program apparently consists of three phases but no actual information is given regarding the benefits or length of each phase. A sample menu is shown as is one featured exercise, but no mention is made of the type of food allowed on the diet (or, more specifically, food that is prohibited!), how much weight loss should be expected or type of exercise involved.

It is known that a membership can be bought in one month, three month, thirteen weeks, six month or one year packages. Each member is supplied with the interactive Best Life Diet and Fitness program, has access to online interaction with health and fitness experts and given meal plans and recipes. The exercises are presented in video demonstrations and the user can become part of the Best Life community discussion board and forums. If desired each member can offer their own success story and have the chance of being featured on the website.

There are no details regarding the cost of the memberships except that it can be as little as $5.00 per month, based on the 3 month plan.

Bob Greene’s Best Life Diet – The Good

  • Bob Greene has a longstanding affiliation with Oprah Winfrey
  • The diet encourages steady, sensible weight loss
  • The program includes online support from both experts and fellow dieters
  • The program is inexpensive
  • The Best Life diet heavily encourages fitness as part of a weight loss program
  • The diet does not seem to exclude any major food groups
  • The website is very user-friendly and simple to navigate

Bob Greene’s Best Life Diet – The Bad

  • Without joining the program, very little information is given to the consumer
  • No mention is made as to the type of diet the Best Life offers (i.e. low fat, low carb etc.)
  • No testimonials, apart from Winfrey’s, are featured on the site
  • No FAQ section is available
  • It is not known exactly how much exercise is required on a daily or weekly basis
  • Most of the Best Life diet can simply be accessed by buying the book rather than paying for membership

Bob Greene’s Best Life Diet – The Bottom Line

It is frustrating that for what is probably a great diet plan, so little is known. From independent research, it is known that the diet recommends about 1700 calories per day, which is a healthy amount. However, some consumers have also complained that the amount of exercise required is too much, about one hour per day, time that not many people can afford.

It is safe to say that, despite all the unknown factors regarding the Best Life Diet, for the low monthly cost, one will likely receive good, sound advice from a well respected and popular fitness professional.

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