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Burn 60: at a glance

Burn 60 is described as a thermogenic diet formula that claims to accelerate metabolism, and energy levels while burning calories at the same time. Burn 60, a GNC (General Nutrition Corporation) product, claims to burn up to 60% more calories. GNC’s reputation and scope of their market, as well as their mostly natural products, leads one to expect the best from a product which they endorse. A visit to the GNC website (http://www.GNC.com) did not yield much information at all about Burn 60, however. We have discovered that it is marketed as a fat loss, or thermogenic diet aid, and that it will burn 60% more calories than its competitors. We saw what ingredients were used in this formula, but no information was disclosed to us about what it actually does.

A fitness facility in California also goes by the name of Burn 60, and shouldn’t be confused with the diet supplement, as there is not connection whatsoever. The Burn 60 gym and the Burn 60 diet supplement are not connected to each other in any way.

Burn 60: Facts

Burn 60

Burn 60 boasts many natural ingredients like: Black tea leaves extract that claim metabolism boosting properties like green and white tea, which are definitely high in antioxidants, Guarana, which is a common ingredient in most energy drinks due to its high caffeine content, grape seed extract, that is used to assist hypertension, and not weight loss . For the best results the people that make Burn-60 suggest that their supplement be included as a part of a comprehensive diet and exercise program, which they include in each bottle.

It is recommended that users ingest two tablets of Burn 60 with water before eating breakfast every day. Users are also advised to avoid taking this medication near their bedtime, as 180mg of caffeine can be found in every dose. There are 60 capsules in one bottle, and the retail price is $29.99, but GNC Gold Card members’ price is $23.99 per bottle.

Burn 60: Positive Features

  • Sold by GNC, a reputable vendor
  • includes natural ingredients
  • recommends a solid diet and exercise regime along with taking the product
  • less expensive

Burn 60: Negative Features

  • Being endorsed by GNC doesn’t necessarily guarantee it to work
  • several ingredients that, although harmless, do not contribute to weight loss
  • does not contain hoodia, an appetite suppressant
  • includes caffeine, which may cause restlessness or anxiety

Burn 60: Conclusions

Although there are several healthy ingredients included, it also includes caffeine and lacks ingredients that specifically cause appetite suppression or fat burn. Burn 60 may be mildly effective in battling weight, but there are more effective, and safe diet supplements available on the market that can give you the results you desire more effectively, and efficiently.

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