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Corexin Reviews

Corexin is a weight loss supplement that’s chiefly made from Green Coffee Beans Extract, an ingredient believed to have the capability of hampering one’s appetite while increasing the metabolic rate as well. Corexin is manufactured by FormLife through Nordic Health Group ApS. They offer a book that aims to help dieters exercise and diet properly. It also lists common food items and their corresponding calorie count, helping people determine an effective diet plan.

The manufacturer claims that the product is internationally recognized by the World Health Organization and National Britannia, and that taking Corexin will significantly lessen one’s food cravings.

Corexin – Ingredients

Green Coffee Beans Extract

Corexin – Product Description


Although write-ups online stress that Corexin has only one primary ingredient, the book accompanying the product seems to have more importance, as it is believed to contain pertinent information that will enable Corexin users to maximize its full weight loss potential.

The Corexin supplement and book costs around $110 (£68.99), but ordering it through the official website will automatically enroll you in an auto shipment program priced at $220 (£137.98) if you do not cancel within 14 days of first order.

Corexin – Advantages

  • Product claims to have undergone rigorous scientific testing
  • Comes with an informative weight management book
  • Important questions are addressed on product’s official website

Corexin – Drawbacks

  • Customer feedback is not published on the official website
  • Clinical evidence supporting product’s claims is unavailable
  • Limited information is available on the weight supplement itself
  • No instructions available on how to take the product
  • Product is extremely expensive compared to other brands
  • No free trial or money-back guarantee offered
  • Customer cancellation is needed within 14 days of first order to avoid being charged double for an auto shipment program
  • Not suitable for people sensitive to caffeine and women who are pregnant or nursing

Corexin – The Bottom Line

The book that comes with the product is said to contain healthy diet plans and sample exercise routines that one can follow while using Corexin. More comments have been made online about the book that comes with Corexin compared to the product itself, leaving one to only wonder…what exactly is in the product? How do I take it? Is it safe? If the uncertainty that comes with these queries is not enough to dissuade you from trying Corexin, then the price surely will, as it is almost triple the cost of other known effective weight loss products.

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