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Curves Complete Overview

Most consumers are familiar with the ‘Curves’ clubs, famous for their 30-minute workout circuits. Curves Complete is a website is designed to complement the clubs by offering a range of online weight loss tools and information.The site is very user-friendly, featuring simple links and clearly labelled sections. The layout is professional and includes a short video introduction and explanation of the website. The FAQ section on the site is extremely useful and covers a whole range of issues regarding the Curves Complete site. Included in the section are instructions regarding how to use the members’ features on the site, such as the weight loss tracker and meal planner, plus an explanation of the Curves workout, machines and a glossary of terms used on the site.

Curves Complete provides very detailed customer testimonials that show before and after pictures, vital statistics and personal weight loss tips and tricks.

Curves Complete – Product Description

Curves Complete

There is a lot of information accessible on the website to give a potential customer an insight into the type of diet plan Curves offers. There are actually two basic plans; one, higher protein and the other higher carbohydrate. Users complete a ‘metabolic’ test to determine which plan is most suitable for them and follow it accordingly.

The plan is then broken down into three phases, which are the same for either food plan, except for the ratio of fats, proteins and carbs. In Phase 1, dieters eat 1200 calories, increasing the amount to 1600 calories in Phase 2. The last phase is for maintenance, although the diet is designed in a way that, depending on weight loss or gain, the user can revert back to Phase 1 for a certain amount of time if required. During all phases, dieters are encouraged to take a Curves Biovitamin, drink Curves protein shakes and, of course, exercise regularly at the Curves Club. The workout portion of the plan is explained very well, describing how each particular type of exercise works (strength training, resistance and cardio e.g.) and why it is important.

Subscribers to Curves Complete receive unlimited use of the site, and a variety of online tools, recipes, nutritional data, food and exercise journals and access to the large Curves online community. Unfortunately, the site does not fully explain how much membership costs, or if one has to join their local Curves club or not. There is mention of a free trial voucher that may be received upon registration, but again, this is not explained comprehensively. However, from information found on independent dieting sites, it is known that Curves club membership costs an average of $40.00 per month, with an up front fee and that membership to the online site costs $5.00 per month.

Curves Complete Advantage

  • Curves is a well-known and popular company
  • The Curves 30-minute exercise circuits are simple to follow
  • The website provides a number of useful online weight loss tools
  • The site is very user-friendly
  • The diet offers two different food plans depending on the individual’s metabolic rate
  • The website features lengthy testimonials
  • Curves has a good reputation among independent consumers
  • The cost of membership to the clubs and online service is very reasonable

Curves Complete – Drawbacks

  • The website does not provide adequate information regarding fees
  • The ‘Phases’ schedule is complicated, requiring the user to closely monitor their weight and switch phases constantly
  • The dieter needs to belong to a Curves club in order to follow the exercise routines
  • There have been numerous consumer complaints filed against some Curves clubs (which are all owned and operated individually)
  • The site does not mention the expected amount of weight loss

Curves Complete – The Bottom Line

Curves Complete is a great place to start for anyone who needs extra help when dieting. Many consumers like the simplicity of the workout – completing the circuit in 30-minutes and receiving a whole range of exercises. It is great that the diet plan offers two choices, protein or carbohydrates, so the meals can be tailored to the individual’s needs and preferences.

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