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Cuur: at a Glance

Cuur is considered to be the weight loss secret of the Swedes. The organization’s website is very impressive, and the product is advertised in a very eye-catching and professional manner. The initial thing that a person sees while visiting the website is the gallery of celebrity snapshots showing famous people carrying the CUUR product or a CUUR gift bag. Even though this provides the product with an excellent image, it is essential to understand that all of the snapshots were taken at CUUR-sponsored events so, of course, the company was shelling out money for the support. To a larger extent, the CUUR website focuses on the times that the product was shown in the media, either through marketing via magazines or the previously mentioned sponsored functions.

You will find many magazine covers and a large file of press releases which, although attractive to the eye, do not provide the customer with any details regarding the CUUR product! The website does include an adequate FAQ section and a pretty good page of testimonials. The testimonials are posted from credible users and includes their stories, photos from before and after, and statistics. Most achieved their weight loss within a healthy time frame: for instance, 30 pounds over 6 months to a year. Another attractive aspect of the website is the CUUR ‘plan’ which can be downloaded, though this sounds more striking than it really is in truth. The three part chart is essentially the CUUR tablet and a diet and workout schedule that was developed by celebrity trainer Valerie Watson (who is the face of the CUUR commercial, which you can view on the website). Each schedule is quite standard and should be prior knowledge for a person with any know-how about diet and health. By not focusing on their product as the only part of a weight loss plan, Cuur is doing a good thing.

Cuur: Facts


Sadly, there is limited information on the CUUR pill. Its main ingredients are four botanicals that are not known for bringing about weight loss. Similar to other trendy diet tablets, CUUR also contains green tea, which is a good antioxidant, and also caffeine, which can encourage the metabolism and increase the burning of fat. The other three components may not be very recognizable; Yerba Mate, which is a stimulant like green tea; Coleus Forskohlii, a mint extract that gives stimulation to the thyroid gland; and Betula Alba, which is generally seen in skin creams but which also possesses diuretic properties (i.e. water loss). No additional data can be located about this ingredient list or the specific amounts of each in the capsules. Even though the company demonstrates a big list of clinical research that has been carried out on each component, it actually doesn’t have any significance without understanding the amount included in each tablet.

Cuur: Positive Features

  • The website for Cuur is pleasing to the eye and very user-friendly.
  • You will see lots of information about the company itself, and the programs sponsored by them and the manufacturers (Scandinavian Clinical Nutrition).
  • Despite the fact they are a new company, the industry holds them in high regard.
  • The ingredients in CUUR are made from natural botanical extracts.
  • The program includes an exercise and diet plan.
  • The company provides a free trial of CUUR (note: requesting the free trial automatically signs the client up for the ‘Auto ship’ program, which is not popular with many clients).

Cuur: Negative Features

  • The site does not give any details regarding the ingredients present in CUUR.
  • Most of this is pretty much paid advertising despite having a large media presence.
  • Oddly enough, the company does not publish the results of any of the clinical trials of CUUR.

Cuur: Conclusion

While it’s website is visually pleasing, the Cuur company has chosen to emphasize style instead of information. There is a possibility that even though the constituents may produce some effect on weight reduction, customers are more prone to get the product because of its celebrity connections. Oddly enough, the CUUR product doesn’t cost as much as most, with a price of $39.95, purchased directly from the company. CUUR can be found at independent retailers and you might find that it is better to shop around for the best price.

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