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Dex-C20: At a Glance

At first DEX-C20 looks like a promising new addition to the diet pill industry. Caralluma Fimbriata, a succulent plant that can be compared to Hoodia Gordonii, is the component that sets it apart from the competition. The makers of DEX-C20, Delmar Labs, also make the popular DEX-L10, which does contain Hoodia. Caralluma seems poised to gain popularity and become used by many, just as in the case of Hoodia which has been shown to possess appetite suppressing properties. The DEX-C20 website is largely devoted to illustrating the results of research performed on Caralluma and its use in Slimaluma. It also discusses other weight loss methods and disputes their claims of success. Even though there are some pointed comments as to how other companies make statements that aren’t true, it does seem trivial and petty. Tests on Caralluma are ongoing, but results so far have all been positive. In contrast to some clinical trials that make use of mice as test subjects, Dex-C20 was tested on human subjects and effective, safe weight loss was demonstrated.

Dex-C20: Facts

As previously discussed, the key ingredient in DEX-C20 is Caralluma Fimbriata; other natural ingredients include mulberry, lotus, amylum, flos citri auranti (bitter orange), coix and cassia. Most likely even those who are intimately familiar with weight loss products have never heard of these ingredients! It would be useful if the company had provided further data on them in place of only concentrating on the Caralluma. It’s up to you to find out on your own any information about the rest of the ingredients. DEX-C20 is simple to take, with no involved protocol to worry about. The dosage is one pill prior to eating lunch or dinner or prior to breakfast and lunch. People should not suffer from sleeplessness after taking this product because it is stimulant free. The producers do say that the dosage may be increased should an individual feel they require additional help, but also suggest that regular exercise be included in the plan.

Dex-C20: Positive Features

  • Clinical trials have been positive regarding the effects of Caralluma Fimbriata.
  • This product does not include caffeine.
  • DEX-C20′s website is informative and easy to navigate.
  • There is a section with frequently asked questions.
  • People who have used DEX-C20 have noted some success, (although their results were not as impressive as the website leads one to believe).
  • Independent retailers carry DEX-C20, so you do not have to buy it exclusively from the company itself.

DEX-C20: Negative Features

  • The website spends too much energy and space denigrating competitors’ products.
  • The website has an inflated tone and uses generic photos (like a doctor) to make it appear more credible.
  • There are a few reviewers who believe that the inclusion of citri auranti make DEX-C20 a stimulant.
  • An extremely limited 30-day money back guarantee is provided by the manufacturer.

Dex-C20: Conclusion

The results indicate that there might be some positive benefits obtained from Caralluma Fimbtriata. It appears to be just as effective as Hoodia Gordonii in promoting weight loss and no detrimental side effects have been noted. Because there are so many untested and less trustworthy products available, DEX-C20 seems like it may be one of the weight loss products that may actually produce results, especially when used in combination with a regular exercises routine.

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