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Dexatrim Max Overview

Dexatrim Max is a brand of weight loss supplement designed to help dieters curb their cravings, especially those for sugar and carbohydrates. The product is made in several different formulas by the manufacturer Sanofi Aventis, and they are shown on the official Dexatrim website. The site is very professional and user-friendly and includes not only information about the brand, but links to weight loss articles and healthy eating websites. There is a very informative FAQ section, but no customer testimonials. However, the company does welcome customer feedback and supplies an e-mail form for this purpose.

Dexatrim is widely available in retail stores which are all listed conveniently on the website. The cost of Dexatrim Max is $19.50 for a 60 count bottle, but the site does include a printable money-off coupon. Unfortunately there is no mention of any money-back guarantee or free sample.

Dexatrim Max – Product Description

Dexatrim Max

Dexatrim Max Complex 7 is a blend of vitamins and minerals, plus the Complex 7 herbal proprietary blend. Listed on the product label are Vitamins B6 and B12, Niacin, Riboflavin, Thiamin and Chromium, an important mineral for regulating the blood sugar levels. The proprietary blend lists Caffeine, Ginseng and Green Tea among its key ingredients with a patented substance Keto-7. Apart from curbing cravings and helping to eliminate between meal snacking and night time eating, no further information is provided as to how the formula works and no clinical studies are shown.

It is recommended that Dexatrim Max is taken at a dose of 2 capsules per day in the morning and early afternoon, although the dose can be increased to 4 per day if required.

Dexatrim Max – Advantages

  • All ingredients are listed
  • The product is available in retail stores
  • Dexatrim Max is affordable
  • The website is professional
  • The formula contains Keto-7
  • Company contact details are provided

Dexatrim Max – Drawbacks

  • No money back guarantee is shown
  • Ingredients are not well explained
  • No customer testimonials are shown
  • The product may cause unpleasant side effects
  • No clinical tests are cited

Dexatrim Max – The Bottom line

On the whole, Dexatrim appears to be a reliable product, particularly if the dieter’s main problem is controlling food cravings, although it would be appreciated if clinical studies were shown. Also, it should be noted that the formula may not be suitable for those sensitive to caffeine and may also cause mild stomach upset and headaches.

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