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What is Zantrex 3?

Zantrex 3 is a weight loss product that comes in capsules. It is manufactured by Zoller Laboratories which has their headquarters at Salt Lake City in Utah. This dietary supplement is recommended to be taken alongside exercise and healthy diet. The manufacturer claims that this product is superb when it comes to weight loss. Furthermore, it claims to offer 5 times more effectiveness than other weight loss products on the market in terms of amount of weight that could be lose.

This dietary supplement is designed for both men and women who want to lose weight. Some known personalities who have endorsed this product include Britney Spears and Snooki. Though this tiny capsule claim to be not just the regular weight loss product because of its features and the weight loss benefits it can give, many are still questioning its effectiveness. To get to conclusion on whether this weight loss product works or not, here are the few things you need to know:

What are the key ingredients?

Zantrex 3

Included in its key ingredients are the following: Xanthine, Guarana, Niacin, Green Tea and Ginseng. Looking at the specified ingredients for Zantrex 3 you can notice that all of them are known to help on weight loss issues. Most of its ingredients work to block fat absorption and helps the body burn more calories faster than the normal rate which can definitely help in losing weight.

Diet and Exercise Combination with Zantrex 3

The manufacturer recommends taking this product alongside healthy balanced diet and exercise programs. However, there is no guidance or advice on the kind of diet and programs that will work best with this weight loss product. Hence, the explanation included on its website telling consumers that this product has not been tested with combination of any regular diet or exercise routines can only add up to consumers confusion. Why would they recommend this pill alongside diet and exercise if they haven’t tested it themselves?


Zantrex 3 is one of the most popular weight loss products on the market today. This is due to its claim that it can deliver more positive results in shorter time than other weight loss products you already know. However, there are some facts about it that may be a bit fishy. Like for instance, the fact that there is no unique ingredient included in its formula to prove that it can really deliver its claim to work 5 times more effective than the regular weight loss products on the market. Next is their lack of detailed information about the product on their website which of course all consumers would like to know. And last, the existence of negative feedbacks about this weight loss product on the internet.

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