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Ephedra Burn: At a Glance

At the time when other weight loss makers rushed to locate an ephedra substitute, the creators of Ephedra Burn merely reduced the amount to a permitted level. Ephedra Burn’s popularity is no surprise, as the concept is certainly clever. Some of the purported benefits of ephedra include: a higher metabolism, increased lean muscle mass and enhanced sexual performance. It appears to be a win-win. Nevertheless, there was appropriate reason to prohibit certain amounts of ephedra. It is an extremely powerful stimulant that may bring unnecessary and even hazardous side effects.

The name Ephedra Burn implies that the main ingredient in the product is ephedra, but this is not the case. There is a high concentration of guarana in this product. Guarana is a natural stimulant and contains caffeine, regardless of the website statement that Ephedra Burn “includes unadulterated Ephedra and no other stimulants.” This clear inconsistency makes it hard to believe the manufacturers of Ephedra Burn.

Ephedra Burn: Facts

Ephedra burn is named for one of its ingredients — the potent stimulant ephedra — although it is a low dosage of 10mg. In 2004 ephedra was found to be dangerous and was banned by the FDA. In 2006 the ban was upheld after previously being overturned. Some negative side effects such as insomnia and “the jitters” may occur even at low dosages.

Ephedra Burn

The main ingredient in Ephedra Burn is guarana. Caffeine, which could also produce side-effects, produces a natural source of guarana. White willow bark, l-arginine, l-glutamine, l-tyrosine, l-lysine, anterior pituitary isolates and garcinia cambogia are the other ingredients. Garcinia cambogia is a natural hunger suppressant which is obtained from a fruit found in Southeast Asia. Independent studies have concluded that this ingredient is ineffective although it is found in many weight loss supplements. Another anti-inflammatory drug similar to aspirin is white willow bark. The “l” components are regularly seen in bodybuilding prescriptions. For instance, l-glutamine is considered to be a nutraceutical and helps in recovering from injuries. Glutamine is being touted as a testosterone booster and muscle cell builder. L-arginine might promote muscle growth by raising the level of growth hormone in the body. The theory behind anterior pituitary isolates is complex, and the relation of this component to losing weight in not clear.

Ephedra Burn: Positive Features

  • The official website of the product provides a cash-back guarantee.
  • On the website is a free magazine subscription that is available with a purchase.
  • Ephedra, a well known stimulant, is present in this product.
  • Many people have said great things about it on the website.
  • They offer a complete, detailed list of all the ingredients in the product.

Ephedra Burn: Negative Features

  • Product claims have not been investigated by the Food and Drug Administration.
  • Some users of Ephedra may experience unwanted side effects.
  • In 2006, the supplement Ephedra was banned in higher dosage amounts.
  • At $75 for a single bottle, Ephedra Burn is expensive.

Ephedra Burn: Conclusion

The manufacturers of Ephedra Burn are smart enough to take advantage of the reputation of ephedra. There is a myth or misconception about this substance. It is believed by many dieters that it was banned because it worked too well. There is actually a ban on Ephedra since there is the possibility it can be dangerous. If dieters do not adhere to strict dosage recommendations, they put their health at serious risk. Ephedra Burn may be a good addition to an overall diet plan, but only if users are cautious and use it only as directed. The manufacturers of Ephedra Burn put together at least one bogus claim on the official website, which does not encourage any confidence in the rest of the claims.

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