Excellean – Does Excellean Work?

Excellean Overview

Excellean is a weight management product that comes in the form of a soft gel capsule designed to curb the appetite, improve the body’s fat burning capabilities, and encourage better flexibility in the joints. With an all-natural formula that’s stimulant-free and fortified with Conjugated Linoleic Acid, it also claims to facilitate the production of lean muscle tissue while preparing the body for healthy weight loss.

Excellean is manufactured by SEI Nutrition, and they honestly state that significant weight loss will not happen overnight, as opposed to claims made by other competing products. Users may not be able to tell the difference in their bodies right away, but the manufacturer assures that this doesn’t mean Excellean is not a successful product. Customer reviews on the official website rave about Excellean and its effectiveness. More information can be had through the full supplement facts sheet published on the site as well.

Excellean – Ingredients

Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA), Fish Oil, Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA), Organic Flaxseed Oil, Linolenic Acid, and Evening Primrose Oil

Excellean – Product Description


Excellean’s formulation is chiefly comprised of CLA, a component that gets rid of persistent fat cells while fostering better absorption of healthy fat cells. The lack of caffeine and similar stimulants in Excellean may give off a feeling that the product is not working, but the combination of its ingredients slowly burn off stored fats in areas where they are known to accumulate more and is not as risky for users with sensitivities to harsh formulations.

A bottle of Excellean that contains 90 soft gel capsules is available for $49.99 on the official product website.

Excellean – Advantages

  • Product doesn’t have false claims of providing instant results
  • Contains powerful ingredients, minus potentially harmful stimulants
  • Available on the official website as well as other third party retail websites
  • Delivery available globally
  • Website offers a secure purchasing environment

Excellean – Drawbacks

  • Contact information provided on the website is insufficient
  • Money-back guarantee and free trial are not offered
  • Website lacks published clinical proof backing up weight loss claims
  • Information on ingredients is insufficient
  • Website does not provide clear instructions on how to take the product

Excellean – The Bottom Line

It is commendable that the manufacturer of Excellean honestly stated that their product does not work overnight—many diet pills make this mistake right off the bat, and it immediately creates suspicion in the user’s mind. Excellean proposes to gradually work on the stored fat in the body, allowing for its eventual and natural release that will lead to ideal results. However, more information on the product is needed on its official website to further encourage new customers to try the product. The lack of a money-back guarantee may also be discouraging to potential users.

Below you'll find the most effective diet products on the market, we determine these products based on 4 key factors : Active ingredients, ability to suppress appetite, fat burning potential, backed by clinical studies. Ultimately, we determined the bottom-line value of each product.



  • phenocal
  • Enhance Appetite Suppression 5-stars
  • Potential to Boost Metabolism 5-stars
  • Promote Fat Burning Potential 5-stars
  • Quality of Ingredients 5-stars
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Acai Berry


  • acai-berry-select
  • Enhance Appetite Suppression 5-stars
  • Potential to Boost Metabolism 4-stars
  • Promote Fat Burning Potential 5-stars
  • Quality of Ingredients 4-stars
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Saffron Extract


  • Saffron Extract Select
  • Enhance Appetite Suppression 5-stars
  • Potential to Boost Metabolism 4-stars
  • Promote Fat Burning Potential 3-stars
  • Quality of Ingredients 4-stars
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Resveratrol Select


  • Resveratrol Select
  • Enhance Appetite Suppression 5-stars
  • Potential to Boost Metabolism 4-stars
  • Promote Fat Burning Potential 5-stars
  • Quality of Ingredients 4-stars
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Raspberry Ketones


  • Raspberry Ketones Max
  • Enhance Appetite Suppression 4-stars
  • Potential to Boost Metabolism 3-stars
  • Promote Fat Burning Potential 5-stars
  • Quality of Ingredients 3-stars
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