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Fenphedra Overview

Fenphedra advertises itself as the first chemically altered diet pill, a fact that may deter some consumers straight away. The website is very simple and attractive and goes to great lengths to explain exactly how the product works. It claims that the reason many people are overweight is due to a ‘battle’ inside the brain between the ‘good’ (appetite suppressants and metabolic stimulators) and the ‘bad’ (the stress hormones that increase the appetite). Fenphedra is another product that makes itself appear as a successor to products that previously contained Ephedra, now a banned substance. The reasoning is that although Ephedra did have severe side effects, fatal in some cases, it is still hailed as one of the most successful weight loss ingredients. Giving a product an ‘Ephedra’ sounding name may, in turn, encourage people to buy it.

Fenphedra – Product Description


Fenphedra uses two main formulas in its capsules. The first is the blend they call CART, which stands for Cocaine Amphetamine Regulatory Transcript. Contrary to its name, it does not contain cocaine. Instead it uses a blend of Di Caffeine Malate, a cocaine alternative, Chocomine which is a substance found in cocoa plants, Phenylethylamine which is known as the ‘love drug’ and found in chocolate, and Synephrine HCI which is the ‘chemical cousin’ of Ephedra. Together these ingredients work to stimulate the metabolism and suppress the appetite. The other part of the formula is something the company call NPY. This is made of Humulus Lupulus, actually derived from hops and sometimes used as a cure for insomnia. In this instance, it is used to create an ‘agreeable’ calming sensation and inhibit neuropeptide-y, a stress hormone that stimulates the appetite and leads to overeating.No amounts for any of the ingredients is disclosed on the site. The company recommends that 2 capsules are taken per day, one 30 minutes before lunch and one 30 minutes before dinner. The product comes in bottles of 69 capsules which they say will last about 34 ½ days.

Fenphedra Advantage

  • The product comes with a lifetime guarantee.
  • Some of the ingredients have been known to be successful in increasing the metabolism.
  • The website is very accessible and easy to use.

Fenphedra Drawbacks

  • Some consumers reported feelings of disorientation and fatigue.
  • Nothing is known about the manufacturers of Fenphedra.
  • The theory behind the ‘good and bad’ battle has no clinical evidence.
  • The company makes no mention of using the product in conjunction with diet and exercise.
  • The company markets the product illegally through the use of e-mail ‘spam’.
  • The product is identical to many other brands including Nuphedragen.
  • There are very few testimonials on the website.

Fenphedra – The Bottom Line

Fenphedra has a novel approach to weight loss and uses ingredients that could potentially be successful. However, they do give the impression that by simply taking the pill one can lose weight without having to resort to diet and exercise, which, as most people know, is not possible. One marketing trick they use is by making the consumer feel they are getting a deal as the pill is sold at a ‘discount’ price through the website, costing only $69.99 as opposed to the regular price of $179.99. Even at the discounted rate, it is a lot of money to spend on a one month supply of such a dubious product.

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