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FucoThin Reviews

FucoTHIN is a dietary supplement from the whole foods nutrition company Garden of Life founded by Jordan Rubin in 2000. After winning a personal battle with Crohn’s disease, Rubin established the company with a goal to “empower others to attain extraordinary health.” Garden of Life promotes healthy lifestyle choices such as exercise and eating whole foods. The website is chockfull of information on topics ranging from digestion to green living. It also has healthy lifestyle suggestions such as positive thinking and getting enough rest. While Garden of Life offers many non-weight-related products such as vitamin complexes and Immunity Support, the company’s promotion is geared toward their weight-management offerings. The two Garden of Life weight-loss products are Perfect Meal and FucoTHIN. FucoTHIN was discovered and developed by Dr. Zakir Ramazanov while he was studying the health benefits of seaweed.

FucoThin – Product Description


FucoTHIN contains the fat-burning ingredient fucoxanthin, an antioxidant found in seaweed. What makes this ingredient unique compared to other fat-burning ingredients is that it is thermogenic (it boosts metabolism) without affecting the central nervous system. In turn, this product does not increase heart rate, a typical, unwelcome side effect of weight-loss drugs. Another ingredient is pomegranate seed oil for which the benefits are unclear. The website suggests that pomegranate seed oil aids natural thermogenesis. The patent is pending on FucoTHIN, but at the moment it is the only supplement on the market using concentrated fucoxanthin. (Other products contain lower doses of fucoxanthin.) Garden of Life has patented this concentration under the name Xanthigen. Additional ingredients are gelatin, extra virgin olive oil, and purified water.Results from FucoThin are expected after six to eight weeks when combined with other health-conscious changes regarding diet and exercise. In a clinical trial, those who used FucoTHIN lost approximately 11.5 pounds (on average) more than those who followed the same lifestyle regime without any supplement.

FucoThin Advantage

  • All the ingredients in FucoTHIN are natural.
  • Fucoxanthin is a non-stimulant and should not cause jitters.
  • FucoTHIN has been tested in a clinical trial.
  • Patient testimonials are offered on the official product website.
  • The official website offers a $5 coupon.
  • The product is available at many health stores.

FucoThin Drawbacks

  • The Food and Drug Administration has not investigated the product claims.
  • The price is not indicated on the official website. (The price varies.)
  • No free product sample is offered.

FucoThin – The Bottom Line

All of the ingredients in FucoTHIN are natural, which may be comforting to many consumers. The company Garden of Life does not claim that this product will magically melt away the pounds, but must be combined with smart choices about food and exercises. With those caveats, though, results from the clinical trial indicate that the supplement increases the potential for weight loss. What distinguishes this product from other weight-loss products (in addition to its all-natural recipe) is its claim to be a non-stimulant. Users should not experience jitters. The website does have a section devoted to the science of fucoxanthin, but it will read like gibberish to most buyers. However, the thoroughness of the website-from helpful lifestyle tips to a story about the discovery of fucoxanthin inspires confidence.

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