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Hydroxycut: Reviews

Hydroxycut touts itself as America’s #1 weight loss product and it does have a professional looking website and excellent image overall. The website contains quite a bit of information, but not too much of it discusses the actual product, relying more heavily on testimonials, diet and exercise information, and healthy recipes. Hydroxycut gives the impression that it wants to provide their customers with as much help as possible in reaching their weight loss goals. While the website lists plenty of information, navigating and understanding it can be challenging. In-depth testimonials are provided, including before and after photos of clients, weight loss statistics and background information. The tips and tricks, as well as the columns, are easy to follow. Tools to figure out your Body Mass Index (BMI), heart metabolic rate and everything in between are readily available. The columns about workouts feature easy to follow directions for spot training, as well as exercise charts.

Hydroxycut: Facts


When it comes to facts about the product, Hydroxycut’s website is a letdown. Information available about Hydroxycut’s ingredients covers only a small number of elements and is few and far between. Three different formulations are available: Original, 24 Hour and Caffeine Free. Hydroxycut’s Original Formula ingredients are Calcium, Chromium and Potassium, Hydroxycut Plus which consists of Garciania Cambogia, Gymnema Sylvestre, Soy Phospholipids and Rhodiola Rosea, as well as Hydroxycut Tea, which consists of Green Tea, Caffeine, and White and Oolong teas. The only ingredients that are thoroughly described are Garcinia Cambogia, Green Tea and Gymnema Sylvestre. Added energy, getting rid of unwanted fat and appetite control are the main effects of Hydroxycut. Hydroxycut was made to be taken half an hour to one hour before meals, three times per day. Users are advised to start by taking one serving over the initial three day period and to increase it to two servings after that.

Hydroxycut: Positive Features

  • The website is well made with great information about health
  • The product has great energy boosters and metabolism boosting ingredients
  • Testimonials from customers are quite detailed
  • The company promotes healthy living
  • Hydroxycut is found at many stores, and there are usually discounts
  • Tests on the ingredients in the product have been successful

Hydroxycut: Negative Features

  • The website is information rich and hard to get around
  • Success stories are the main focus, not the product itself
  • Lots of caffeine is found, and it shouldn’t be taken at night
  • Sleeplessness, headaches etc. have been known to happen with this product
  • Not all the items in the product are explained in detail

Hydroxycut: Conclusion

Hydroxycut seems to be a good item but does not really benefit you more than any other item you can find in stores. Currently, it is very popular and well-regarded by those in the weight loss supplement business. The pricing of Hydroxycut can be confusing. A one month supply of Hydroxycut will run $85.93 when ordered from the website. The typical retail cost is $29.99, however since it is only a 72 count bottle it will only last for about a week and a half when taking the recommended dosage of six pills a day. As with other products that are similar, it would be in the best interest of the consumer to shop around for the best price, but in this case, make sure the amount fits their dosage requirements.

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