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Lindora: At a Glance


Similar to Jenny Craig and Weight Watchers, Lindora is a business that uses clinics and Internet programs to offer permanent answers to the problem of weight loss.

The Lindora company was founded in 1971 and has established quite a few weight loss centers all over Southern California. They focus on controlling weight and photos of previous customers would seem to indicate that they have been able to help users lose quite a bit of weight — 100 pounds or more is not uncommon. The Lindora website is not very user-friendly. There are so many sections and sub-sections; it is easy to become confused. But it does provide everything you need to know about the company, including their philosophy, company history, locations of clinics and descriptions of available programs. Although the site is complicated, it is professionally done and does not make wild claims about the efficacy of the diet.

Lindora: Facts

Lindora can be used by everyone — men, women and children — and its primary emphasis is to produce sustained, long-term weight loss. Those who live near one of the California clinics can take advantage of a 10-week program offered by the company; those who do not live near a clinic can participate in a customized online program. At the end of 10 weeks of following this diet, the user should have lost about 10% of his/her body weight, which breaks down to a fairly safe weekly average of 2-5 pounds.

The comprehensive Lindora online program is available in various packages; selection is determined by a person’s weight loss needs and budget. This diet is similar to the Adkins diet, with its high protein/ low carbohydrate guide, just not quite as rigid. Upon purchasing a subscription to the online program, users obtain daily menus and meal plans, action plans, suggestions regarding working out, online food diaries and the ability to participate in the Lindora community forums. Additional products and services are available, like individual coaching with a Lindora nurse practitioner, food replacement products — shakes, bars and puddings, and vitamin and nutritional supplements.

It will cost $99.00 for the online program, which runs for 10 weeks. Vitamins, meal replacements and 6 coaching sessions would cost about $345.

Lindora: Positive Features

  • Lindora has been in operation for over 35 years and during that time has assisted many people in the attainment of their weight loss goals.
  • All major food groups are included in the diet plan.
  • Everyone in the family can use the diet.
  • There are a variety of health quizzes that are fun to do and are full of information on the website.
  • Anticipated weight loss quantities fall within the limits that are recommended by medical professionals.
  • It is possible to adapt the online program to suit the user’s budget.
  • Personal, professional support is available with this program.
  • Information regarding fitness, diet and healthy lifestyles can be found on the website.

Lindora: Negative Features

  • It is difficult to navigate through Lindora’s website.
  • This program can get to be quite costly if all of its programs are utilized.
  • No examples are provided on the site as to the kinds of meals that the plan promotes.

Lindora: Conclusion

Even though Lindora has been in existence for such a long time, not much information is available about it on third party Internet sites and Lindora has not been as successful as Jenny Craig, which is a similar program. But for those who are interested in a sensible, healthy, sustainable approach to shedding pounds, the Lindora program is worth considering.

Anyone who is considering this program should realize that the prices of the various services can quickly become quite expensive; even the basic online plan is quit a bit more costly than many other similar programs that are currently available. It might be a good idea to buy the Lindora Weight Loss Starter Kit to begin with. The price is $39.95 and it comes with a diet plan book, weight loss CD and a DVD about healthy cooking.

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