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Lipothin: At a Glance

Lipothin claims to be one of the strongest and most powerful fat burning and energy increasing products out there, however there are many other weight loss products that are very similar. The maker claims that its advanced Lipotropic blend will boost heart and metabolic rates, enabling users to drop pounds faster than with diet and work outs. The site seems ‘too good to be true’ with a lot of hyperbole, like the claim that someone more than 200 pounds overweight can lose over 5 pounds weekly, far exceeding the medically advised 1-2 pounds weekly. The website includes a satisfactory FAQ segment and great descriptions of the product’s components. There is no information about the makers of the product, nor are there clinical trials or customer testimonials.

Lipothin Product: Facts


Lipothin contains many ingredients that are commonly found in other weight loss pills, so it’s not unique. It is a combination of amino acids, enzymes, herbs and minerals that perform in tandem to boost metabolism and curb hunger. Included in the primary ingredients are chromium, a blood glucose regulator; selenium, a hunger-curbing anti-oxidant; choline bitartrate, for lowering bad cholesterol; inosito,l to hasten fat flush; and l-carnitine, to change fat into fuel better. Along with these components, Lipothin has the advantages of ginseng, recognized for combating lethargy and boosting energy, along with hunger-suppressing guarana, ginger, nettle, and peppermint. Lipothin is taken once in the morning and once in the evening, and can be increased after the body has had time to adjust to it. Do not take more than 6 pills a day.

Lipothin: Positive Features

  • Proven weight loss ingredients, such as L-Carnitine and Chromium are found in Lipothin.
  • A useful FAQ section is featured on the website.
  • A money-back guarantee for life is provided with the product.
  • Discreet packaging encloses the product during mailing.

Lipothin: Negative Features

  • The look of the company website is unprofessional and lacks substance.
  • The expected amount of weight loss promised is more than the recommended safe limits advised by healthcare professionals.
  • Even though the company claims this product is better than others on the market, there is no single component of Lipothin that sets it apart from the rest.
  • The maker neglects to promote a balanced diet or consistent physical activity.
  • The product has not undergone any clinical trials.

Lipothin: Conclusion

Lipothin is made from quality ingredients, but the way in which it is marketed really doesn’t work. The maker helpfully offers a lifetime warranty for refund of purchase, yet it appears doubtful they would honor this indefinitely, despite their claim. Not many third-party evaluations are available to enable a recommendation of Lipothin. Potential customers would do well to buy it from an independent distributor, where it listed for $24.95, instead of purchasing it right from the maker, who sells it for $49.95.

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