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LipoTrim Reviews

While the weight loss industry may seem particularly American, there are many products and programs such as LipoTrim that come from across the pond. LipoTrim is the name of three obesity management programs developed in 1987 in England. The programs are currently run throughout the United Kingdom and Ireland. The first is a pharmacy-based program that is not available over the counter. It involves a medical screening form and weekly weight measurements. The second program, the general practitioner (GP) program, is similar but run by doctors rather than pharmacists. Finally, the maintenance program is for people who have completed the pharmacy or GP program and want to maintain their weight via LipoTrim advice and maintenance products. The pharmacy and GP programs rely on the LipoTrim Total Food Replacement product. Other products available without a medical consultation include Fibreclear, a fiber supplement. LipoTrim is now administered by Howard Foundation Research Ltd. (HFR), which specializes in obesity research and related medical training. HFR is run by nutritional biochemist Dr. Stephan Kreitzman and research scientist Valerie Beeson. The company website offers information from these two experts on the offered programs and weight management in general. Although LipoTrim is somewhat secretive about what its program entails and what ingredients are in its brand name food replacement products, the website in general offers a lot of helpful advice to dieters. Beeson and Kreitzman contribute detailed answers to what constitutes a healthy diet and a safe amount of weight loss.

LipoTrim – Product Description


There are three types of LipoTrim Total Food Replacement products: drinks, chicken soup, and flapjacks (pancakes). The drink may be the British cousin of Slim Fast and comes in the traditional flavors of chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry. The flapjacks are available in coconut or peanut butter flavor. There is very little information about the actual content of these food replacements available to the general public. Presumably, more information can be obtained from participating pharmacists and doctors. Some independent reviews warn that LipoTrim is dangerous. One blog even mentions a woman fainting (twice) and receiving fourteen stitches.

LipoTrim Advantage

  • The LipoTrim program was developed more than twenty years ago.
  • Pharmacists and doctors run the program.
  • Weekly appointments may encouragement customers to stick with it.

LipoTrim Drawbacks

  • This product is not available over the counter and can only be obtained through one of the participating programs.
  • There is very little information available about the food replacement products.
  • Some customer reviews are negative.

LipoTrim – The Bottom Line

Two decades is a long time in the weight loss supplement industry. Such longevity may inspire confidence in customers. However, LipoTrim Total Food Replacement is not available over the counter and must be obtained in conjunction with one of the LipoTrim programs. Currently, these programs are only available in the United Kingdom and Ireland. Furthermore, there is very little information available online about the content of the replacement foods. If considering LipoTrim, a customer’s best bet is to meet with one of the participating pharmacists or doctors to get the full scoop.

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