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Lipovox: At a Glance

Lipovox claims that you can “burn 400% extra fat than you would burn if you only dieted and exercised” when you take their dietary products. Furthermore, Lipovox is acclaimed not just as a fat reduction aid but with the added advantage of combating pimples and furnishing users with more youthful skin in the process. The creators of Lipovox allege that their pill will assist you to lose weight, have more energy, less wrinkles and acne since each capsule has 12 super food compounds, which are loaded with antioxidants. They claim you will look and feel younger within ten days!

Lipovox originates from the famous dermatologist, Dr. Perricone’s 10 super foods (in addition the makers of Lipovox include 2 extra antioxidants they decided to use themselves). Dr. Perricone has a broad array of anti-aging skin products and has appeared on popular programs like 60 Minutes, MSNBC and Oprah talking about the super food’s benefits for wellness and complexion.

Lipovox: Facts


The 12 amazing super food substances that Lipovox has consist of both plant and fish derivatives and they are:

  1. Acai berries assumed to increase energy and it has abundant doses of antioxidants to fight against aging,
  2. cayenne peppers show to elevate metabolism and fat burning,
  3. garlic which decreases cholesterol,
  4. soybeans,
  5. barley dissolvable fiber that helps with weight loss,
  6. wheatgrass,
  7. lactobacillus acidophilus – a bacteria that comes from yogurt,
  8. alfalfa sprouts,
  9. flaxseed,
  10. buckwheat, which normalizes blood sugar levels,
  11. green tea extract proven to increase metabolism, and
  12. salmon oil powder alleged to control the appetite.

The price of one bottle is $29.99; the more you purchase, the better your saving will be. If a customer buys more than one bottle of the product they also receive information on how to get rid of acne and fat quickly. The official website,, lists all their special offers. The dosage amount is confusing. The website claims that, depending on your dosage, a bottle will last 10-30 days.

Lipovox: Positive Features

  • Each ingredient is pure
  • The 150 mg of green tea extract in every capsule is an adequate dose to encourage weight reduction
  • A complete money back guarantee is available

Lipovox: Negative Features

  • There isn’t a phone number for customer service on their website (email is the only way to contact them)
  • The proprietary mixture of ingredients make it hard to figure out if the doses are potent enough to be worthwhile

Lipovox: Conclusion

If losing weight is very important to you, this might be the wrong pill for you. For being a MetaboBurn product, the Lipovox company really focuses on reducing acne and wrinkles and it’s very confusing! The secondary effects of this diet pill (more attractive skin) take the focus off its main goal (weight reduction).
If you’d like to feel great and have unlined, more youthful skin – this product is the right choice (however, keep in mind that here we’re not talking about being thin). Skin that looks young at $29.99 for each bottle is a bargain.

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