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MetaboUp Overview

As the name suggests, MetaboUp is a product designed to raise the metabolism so the user will burn calories faster and more efficiently. Although many similar products on the market aim to do this, what makes MetaboUp unique is that it is taken in the form of an effervescent drink, rather than a pill.The MetaboUp website is very attractive and professional looking and features a video presentation of the TV commercial. Although it is annoying that the video starts every time the home page is visited, it is worth watching, mainly because it features information nowhere else on the site (such as the customer testimonials). Other sections on the site include the FAQ’s, which are very basic, ordering and product information.

MetaboUp – Product Description


The website does not show a product label for MetaboUp and it is not clear if the ingredients are contained in a proprietary blend or not. Either way, the amounts per ingredient are not shown, so it is hard to judge the effectiveness of each. It is known that each serving of MetaboUp includes Amino Acids and herbs, such as Taurine, Arginine, Theobromine, Guggulsterone, Ginseng, B-Complex and 5-HTP. No further explanation is given regarding their individual purposes, so it would be up to the consumer to do their own research. As noted, the product comes in powder form that must be dissolved in a glass of water. Two flavours are available, Tropical Fruit and Lemon Lime and each box contains 14 packets. The company recommends 1 to 2 packets (or ‘sticks’) are taken per day, but no mention is made of the optimal time of day.

MetaboUp Advantage

  • MetaboUp is good for those with an aversion to swallowing pills
  • The company offers a 100% money back guarantee
  • A 30-day risk free trial is available for $29.95 when purchased directly from the website
  • All the ingredients are natural
  • The website features a video presentation

MetaboUp – Drawbacks

  • The information regarding recommendation of diet and exercise is hidden in the small print
  • Some reviews have pointed out the unpleasant side effects of Theobromine which can include jitters, restlessness and frequent urination
  • If taken at a rate of 2 servings per day, one box will only last one week
  • No clinical studies are cited regarding successful trials
  • The product does not seem to be available from independent retailers

MetaboUp – The Bottom Line

The only difference between MetaboUp and other metabolism increasing products is that it comes in a powder rather than capsule. Apart from that, none of the ingredients stand out as particularly potent and it would have no effect on suppressing the appetite or reducing cravings. However, it might be a pleasant addition to an existing healthy lifestyle if the cost is not an issue.

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