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New Lifestyle Diet Overview

The New Lifestyle Diet is similar to many other ‘liquid’ diets on the market, and is designed to cause initial rapid weight loss, followed by a steady maintenance period.

The New Lifestyle Diet website is very standard, with links to information on the food available, success stories and the different programs offered. The site explains that although the diet will address the immediate concern of losing weight fast, the company is dedicated to educating their customers so they can learn to make smart food choices, handle emotional eating, fight food cravings and develop new behaviors around eating. There is a good section on fitness and a comprehensive guide to starting and maintaining a regular exercise routine. The exercise recommended is simply a combination of walking and strength training which make it suitable for people of all ages.

New Lifestyle Diet offers free sample packets of their food replacements, plus free shipping in the U.S. As with many other diet companies they have free phone or e-mail consultations available and access to support through dieting forums and discussion boards.

New Lifestyle Diet – Product Description

New Lifestyle Diet

New Lifestyle Diet programs can be purchased in either 2 week, 4 week or 8 weeks packages, and are available in men’s or women’s plans. The plans are extremely low calorie (approximately 1080 calories per day), low carbohydrate and low fat. The popular 4 week plan provides enough replacement meals for 28 days and these include a variety of cereals, soups, shakes, puddings and bars. The dieter can either purchase the standard food package or customize their order. One healthy meal is allowed per day, which should consist of one serving of lean protein and two servings of vegetables. Most lean meats and fish are allowed but certain vegetables that are high on the Glycemic Index (such as corn and carrots) are prohibited. Other foods on this list are breads, pasta and rice. The website provides a shopping guide and meal planner, plus a free shaker in which to prepare the replacement shakes.

The cost of the programs are between $153.00 (2 weeks) to $503.00 (8 weeks) and all the replacement food products can be bought individually too, averaging at $12.50 for pack of 7. All the programs come with a free one-year membership to the Liquid Diet Discussion board, plus recipes, a New Lifestyle Diet handbook and counsellings.

New Lifestyle Diet Advantage

  • New Lifestyle Diet is designed to cause rapid weight loss
  • The diet plan helps transition the dieter to a long term maintenance program
  • The company encourages regular fitness routines
  • The website is simple to navigate
  • The programs are split according to gender
  • A free food sample is offered
  • The program helps with the psychological aspects of dieting

New Lifestyle Diet Drawbacks

  • The programs are expensive as are the individual food products
  • The diet is extremely low calorie
  • The diet is very restrictive
  • The promised weight loss of 20lbs in a month is not within the medically recommended amount

New Lifestyle Diet The Bottom Line

Whilst the New Lifestyle Diet may be just as good as any of the other food replacement plans, it is advisable to choose one that is more established and well known. There are no independent reviews to be found on the internet regarding this plan but the diet is too expensive to simply take a chance on when there are so many alternatives available.

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