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NutraScience Overview

NutraScience is a two part weight loss program which includes both a dietary supplement pill and a patch. Produced as a part of the overall NutraScience product line, this weight loss program claims to be able to specifically target unwanted fat in the abdominal region. The combination of Target Slim and Nutra Slim Trim Pills supposedly functions as an appetite suppressant while enhancing the metabolic rates of fats. Through Nutra Slim, users are promised to be able to curb their binge eating habits, regulate their appetites, and retain lean muscle mass. For best results, individuals using NutraScience should limit consumption of processed food products.

NutraScience – Product Description


The official product website does not include any full list of ingredients for either of the two parts of the NutraScience weight loss program. However, this site does seem to indicate that acai berries are included among the product’s ingredients. Due to this lack of information, it is difficult to draw any firm conclusion regarding the probable effectiveness of the NutraScience products. The official product website does offer a free 30-day trial of NutraScience; customers only need to initially pay the shipping and handling fee for this sample offer. If they are please with the product’s results, then they will be charged £75.00 and sent the complete NutraScience package every following month. If they are not pleased with their trial offer, then they have two weeks to cancel it; they will then be de-enrolled from this automatic shipment/payment program.

NutraScience – Advantages

  • NutraScience includes a two-part program, utilizing both a pill and patch.
  • NutraScience claims to be able to reduce abdominal fat while curbing unwanted cravings.
  • A free 30-day trial offer is available from the official product website.

NutraScience – Drawbacks

  • No full list of ingredients is revealed for NutraScience.
  • No scientific evidence is provided to back the manufacturer’s claims about these products.
  • NutraScience products cannot be purchased individually.
  • When compared to other dieting/weight loss supplements, the cost of the NutraScience program is much higher.
  • If an individual forgets to cancel the automatic subscription for NutraScience, he will still have to pay for the shipments, whether he wants them or not.
  • NutraScience is only available in the UK.
  • No user reviews are cited on the official product page.

NutraScience – The Bottom Line

NutraScience claims to be a breakthrough in weight loss products. However, little to no evidence is provided by the manufacturers to support this claim. Due to a lack of scientific evidence and no full list of ingredients, customers should not purchase NutraScience.

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