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Phenterdrene P57: at a Glance

One of the most controversial products available on the market today is the weight loss supplement Phenterdrene P57. Since the Phenterdrene P57 website is quite lacking in information and style and there are such high dosages of stimulants in Phenterdrene P57, extreme caution should be taken if this product is used. Pharma Resources, the manufacturers of Phenterdrene P57, seem to want to make you think their product is a prescription drug based on their website design and the product label. The site is lacking a FAQ section, customer testimonials, and information about a possible money back guarantee or return policy.

Phenterdrene P57: Facts

Phenterdrene p57

Phenterdrene P57 raises body temperature, suppresses appetite, and burns fat with its matrix of sympathomimetic amines. According to the official website, the ingredients include: Methyline 5-L-amine, a substance comprised of several alkaloids and the LipidcAMP complex. It consists of Theobromine, an important mood elevator that exists naturally in chocolate, Hoodia Gordonii, a popular appetite suppressant, Caffeine Anhydrous, a stimulating substance that causes fat to burn more efficiently, Yohimbe, a botanical extract that assist with building and keeping muscle as well as it lessens anxiety, and Para-synephrine, an additional fat burning element which functions something like Ephedrine. Although Phenterdrene P57’s official website doesn’t say Ephedra is included in the product, one retail site stated it was. It is very easy to take Phenterdrene P57 — just one capsule about 45 minutes before mealtime. It is possible to take up to 2 pills per day, but due to the heavy amount of stimulants the capsules contain, this is not recommended. Be sure to read the detailed warning on Phenterdrene P57′s official website if you are considering taking this product.

Phenterdrene P57: Positive Features

  • It is available cheaper in some locations than others.
  • The active ingredient is Hoodia, which is used with a very simple dosing schedule.

Phenterdrene P57: Negative Features

  • The negative reviews of the drug center on the fact that it is a strong stimulant and can alter the mood.
  • There is no information on money back guarantees.

Phenterdrene P57: Conclusion

Phenterdrene P57 does not have an authenticity certificate for the Hoodia Gordonii that it contains. The warning given on the website is due to the powerful stimulants in the formula. Since there are so many other safer yet similar products available on the market, hopefully potential users will realize this and not take the risk.

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