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Rapid Lean: At a Glance

Advertised for body-builders and those serious about sports, Rapid Lean is a “hardcore” fat burner produced by a firm named Six Star. It is a fat burner that is “state of the art” and not meant for the typical dieter. Not much detail is provided about Rapid Lean on Six Star’s site or on unaffiliated marketer’s sites. The recognized primary function is to create a thermogenic process enabling quicker and more efficient fat burn off, especially if utilized along with serious exercise.

Rapid Lean: Facts

Rapid Lean

Rapid Lean is a mix of two ingredients. The initial one is the Hardcore Fat Incinerator, formulated to elevate the body’s capacity to burn off fat deposits. It includes many anti-oxidant ingredients (as green, oolong, white, black and rooibos teas) as well as stimulants (originating in the teas as well as in caffeine anhydrous). The second half of the recipe is the Hardcore Thermogenic Matrix including derivative of cissus quadrangularis, xanthinol nicotinate, vinpocetine, theobroma, and derivative of cocoa. In addition, the capsules include numerous filler ingredients and dyes which could produce allergic response in certain users. The suggested dose is 2 pills twice daily, ideally prior to exercise. It is certainly not recommended to use Rapid Slim within 5 hours of retiring for sleep, because of the high concentration of stimulants it contains. In addition, the makers counsel users to steer clear of any other caffeinated items.

Rapid Lean: Positive Features

  • Rapid Lean includes great quantities of ingredients with fat-burning and anti-oxidant properties;
  • The product is inexpensive and can be found at low prices from online retailers. Costs were observed to vary from about $15.99 to $24.99 (in contrast to the MSRP of $34.99).
  • The product utilizes a quick-acting liquid gel-cap.

Rapid Lean: Negative Features

  • The product is too potent for typical dieters;
  • Rapid Lean should be taken cautiously and may produce side effects like nausea, sleeplessness and anxiety;
  • Online you cannot find any information about the product;
  • The maker does not provide offers of complimentary trials or warranty for refund of purchase;
  • They don’t present a FAQ or a testimonial section.

Rapid Lean: Conclusion

Because of its potent recipe, Rapid Lean is solely advisable for those aiming for body-building physiques, and in this fashion it differs not at all from like products available already. Like with any “hardcore” product, it needs to be taken cautiously, and suspended at the onset of any negative results.

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