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Sensa: At a Glance

The Sensa weight-loss system is currently one of the most popular weight loss supplements today with ads on television, magazines and all over the internet. Basically, it is just sprinkled on the food that a person is about to consume and it claims to make the person feel full sooner. The main draw of the Sensa system is that it allows the user to eat his/her favorite foods unlike most weight loss systems that are too restrictive when it comes to the food choices.

Sensa: Facts

Sensa is calorie-free, sugar-free, sodium-free and gluten-free. Sensa was created and designed by Dr. Alan Hirsch, MD, the founder of the Smell & Taste Treatment and Research Foundation in Chicago and a board-certified neurologist. Sensa was developed by Dr. Hirsch after more than 20 years of clinical research on the strong influence of smell and flavours on human behavior, emotion and mood. The system essentially controls the sensory emotional response to food in order to lose weight by eating less.

Ingredients Contained In The Product

  • Maltodextrin – It is one of the key active ingredients of Sensa that is made of easily digestible carbohydrates which are derived from corn starch and is a common food additive used as a sugar substitute.
  • Silica – a common food additive used as a flow agent in powdered foods.
  • Tricalcium Phosphate – a key ingredient of Sensa that is commonly used as a caking agent in powdered spices.
  • Sensa also contains Tartrazine, soy& milk ingredients, carmine, natural and artificial flavors.

Combined, these ingredients are supposed to enhance the smell and taste of food to make a person eat less by feeling full sooner.

Sensa: Positive Features

The main advantage of using Sensa is that it allows the user to eat anything he/she wants. The main problem with most diets is that they are too restrictive which usually results to ravenous hunger that can devastate the diet instantly.

Another advantage is that the system is very convenient and doesn’t require a lot of effort like cooking. Also, Sensa’s ingredients have been on the FDA’s list of foods and ingredients that are “Generally Recognized As Safe” so there are no worries when it comes to dangerous side effects.

Sensa: Negative Features

The main disadvantage of Sensa is the cost which is $59 for a month’s supply. A 6-month kit is also available for $289. Obviously, not all people can afford to spend such amount just for weight loss. Another disadvantage is that some people claim Sensa causes minor side effects like stomach disturbances, nausea and allergic reactions to ingredients. However, these side effects only occur to a very small percentage of users.

Sensa: Conclusion

Looking at all the facts regarding the Sensa weight loss system, it is easily understandable why it is one of the most popular weight loss products today. The concept of tricking the brain that the body is already full in order to control calorie intake is revolutionary. Aside from the price, everything about Sensa looks good. However, there are still many experts who are skeptical about Sensa because of the limited clinical trials.

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