SlimQuick - Does SlimQuick Work?

SlimQuick: Reviews

SlimQuick manufacturers say that this product is the first advanced fat burner in the world that was created especially for women. After over ten years of research in the field of weight loss, we feel justified in making this revolutionary claim. SlimQuick was created to combat the hormonal and physiological barriers that often prevent women from achieving success in weight loss. Tremendous research was put into its formulation. Designed by scientists, this blend of formulated ingredients works together to burn fat.

These “Six Exclusive Complexes” work to trigger fat loss in a number of ways:

  • They increase a woman’s energy.
  • They also increase her metabolism.
  • They work on appetite reduction.
  • They balance hormones and reduce the retention of water.

A diet and exercise program is included with the product that the manufacturers say will speed results. The manufacturer states that SlimQuick’s fat burning qualities are enhanced by using SlimQuick Nights.

SlimQuick: Facts


You can go to to find out more about SlimQuick. There you will find a complete list of the Six Complexes that are included in the ingredients. You can also find this included with the product packaging. Here are some of the ingredients in SlimQuick. It contains green tea extract, which is well-known for cholesterol reduction. Rhodiola rosea rood extract is also listed. This ingredient boosts energy and is quite a bit like ginseng. Dandelion leaf and root are included as a diuretic. Caffeine and various other ingredients are also listed. SlimQuick contains vitamins B and D, as well as calcium and an array of herbal ingredients. It is recommended that you take two tablets with eight ounces of water. You should take the two tablets and eight ounces of water with your stomach empty. Do this for the first two weeks. After that, increase the number of pills to four. You will get the best results if you follow the plan continuously for a full month. SlimQuick sells for $34.99 and contains 120 capsules.

SlimQuick: Positive Features

  • There are a lot of herbs and vitamins in SlimQuick. All of them are good for supporting women’s health;
  • A diet and exercise program is included with the product, and the product is presented as part of a balanced weight loss plan. You even get a diet and exercise plan along with the product;
  • You can buy these tablets at stores like GNC and save money with their sales offers and special buys.

SlimQuick: Negative Features

  • Its ingredients and efficacy have not been proven scientifically;
  • The level of vitamins included in the product is so low as to have little or no effect;
  • Also, vitamins are not proven to promote fat loss;
  • Doses are a bit hard to understand and tend to be different after the first week;
  • Because it is recommended that you take both SlimQuick and SlimQuick night capsules, the dosing of the product gets a little complex, not to mention costly — SlimQuick Nights is $27.99 a bottle and has 56 pills.

SlimQuick: Conclusion

Customers gave mixed reviews on this product. The ingredients in SlimQuick won’t hurt you; however, in the low doses listed, they probably won’t help you either. A few of the ingredients, for example those to reduce water retention, only work temporarily. The fact that diet and exercise are recommended as part of the SlimQuick plan makes one wonder exactly what the function of the product is. It could be that the pills simply have a placebo effect.

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