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Slimvia Overview

Joining the long list of weight loss products available on the market, Slimvia claims to be life ‘empowering’. In addition to offering a weight loss pill, the company also provides weight loss counsellors and ongoing support for the dieter.

The Slimvia website is quite impressive and very easy to use with clearly labelled headings and good links to the various sections. There is an adequate amount of information about the product plus lengthy customer testimonials, complete with ‘before and after’ photos and a good FAQ section. The company stresses the fact, as do the testimonials, that Slimvia is more than simply a diet pill and that it enables the dieter to change their eating habits for long-term weight loss success. It is stated that the amount of weekly weight loss to expect is between 2-5lbs, slightly higher than the medically recommended amount. No mention of diet and exercise is made, although it is likely that part of the ongoing support with the ‘Slimvisors’ (counsellors) is nutrition and activity advice.

The Slimvia company offers a 100% 90-day money back guarantee, the details of which are laid out in the ‘Terms and Conditions’. However, by ordering any of the three Slimvia packages, the customer receives free Slim Club membership which is really just another name for an auto-shipping program.

Slimvia – Product Description


Although the Slimvia packages contain different products, it is the Slimvia pill that is responsible for causing weight loss, through its proprietary blend of vitamins and herbal extracts. The ingredient label is shown in full on the website so all the ingredients are known. Part of the formula is a proprietary blend called Viaplex which includes chromium, spirulina, ginger, ascorbic acid, thiamine and magnesium. There are also a number of vitamins (C, E, B1 and B2) plus L-Carnitine which are all listed with their amounts.

Slimvia works by creating a feeling of fullness so that the dieter is less likely to overeat or experience food cravings. It is to be taken 20-30 minutes before each meal at a dose of 2-3 capsules per serving (3 are recommended for the severely overweight), to a maximum of 9 per day.

Although most of the ingredients contained in Slimvia are healthy, none are really beneficial to weight loss, apart from chromium which, by balancing blood sugar levels, can control cravings. There is nothing that will help speed the metabolism, such as caffeinated green tea, nor is there any Hoodia Gordonii, a proven appetite suppressant.

Slimvia Advantage

  • Slimvia contains natural ingredients
  • The website is very user-friendly
  • The Slimvia program is offered in three different packages and price points
  • Most packages offer free gifts
  • The website contains customer testimonials
  • Slimvia has a 90-day money back guarantee
  • The Slimvia system offers weight loss counselling
  • Slimvia contains no strong stimulants and produces no side effects

Slimvia Drawbacks

  • No clinical trials are shown
  • The product contains no proven weight loss ingredients
  • The Slimvia package includes possible unwanted enrolment into the auto-shipping program
  • No independent reviews are available for Slimvia
  • Not all the ingredient amounts are provided
  • Slimvia contains no Hoodia Gordonii
  • The actual monthly cost of Slimvia is not clearly stated
  • Dietary changes and exercise is not encouraged

Slimvia – The Bottomline

Although Slimvia may not have much effect on weight by itself, it is good that the consumer receives ongoing support and advice through the online seminars and live Q&A sessions. However, anyone taking Slimvia would definitely need to eat a low-fat, calorie controlled diet and perform regular cardiovascular exercise in order to lose a significant amount of weight.

There are a number of different options in terms of initial packages and costs, including the ‘Jump Start’ program for $124.99 and the less expensive ’1 month program’. It appears that after the initial order, Slimvia costs $59.95 per month, although it is not clear exactly how many bottles this would include. Any dieter could buy a similar pill at a health food store for much less cost that would likely have the same results.

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