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Stimerex-Es: At a Glance

The company that developed Stimerex-ES, which targets fat in hips, thighs and buttocks, is named Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals. Extensive research and clinical data led to the Stimerex-ES three prong approach to fat loss: burn fat and calories, control sugar cravings, and suppress the appetite. All the advantages of fat burning, appetite suppression, energy enhancement and natural diuretic traits are included in this single product. The manufacturers of Stimerex-ES refer to it as “America’s strongest energizer” and it can be purchased without a prescription.

Stimerex-Es: Facts


Stimerex-Es attaches to alpha 2 receptors which are found in greatest quantities in the hips, thighs and buttocks areas, and “draws out the fatty acids from the fat cells”. This process is referred to as Lipolysis. Stimerex-ES has been proved to burn fat 29% more effectively than the leading fat burners available, like Redux. Stimerex-ES includes the following ingredients: citrus aurantium (a non-stimulant fat burner and metabolism booster), green tea (proven to have increase metabolism and also high in antioxidants), sida cordifolia extract (a genetically engineered source of ephedrine). According to the company, this product will boost metabolism rates by 76.9 percent with no exercise required.

The suggested dose is one pill three times daily, taken with water. Do not take more than 3 capsules per day. A single bottle of 90 Stimerex-ES pills sells for $39.95, providing a one month supply. Discounts are available for larger orders. You can get more information regarding the company, their product and their deals on their authorized website:

Stimerex-Es: Positive Features

  • There is an official website that includes information regarding the research that went into developing this diet supplement, manufacturer information and a customer service number
  • There is a 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Sales and discounts are available through their website.

Stimerex-Es: Negative Features

  • Their formula does not include Hoodia or any other appetite suppressant
  • This product contains a high level of caffeine (80 mg/tablet) which could cause jitters and anxiety
  • There are many side effects. Moreover, those with various conditions, such as heart or liver ailments, depression or stroke, should not take this product.
  • The safety of “genetically engineered ephedrine” that is contained in one of the ingredients, sida cordifolia is not clear, since ephedrine was banned by the FDA because of severe side effects and complications that could be fatal.

Stimerex-Es: Conclusion

Although the Stimerex-ES makers describe a 3 prong approach to weight loss, only one of the three prongs is addressed by its ingredient list. They have much in their diet tablet to increase energy and metabolism, however the other 2 points (limiting hunger and sugar reductions) are not tackled as efficiently. Right now, Hoodia is the safest and most effective appetite suppressant available; however it is not included in their list of ingredients. In its place, the manufacturers of Stimerex-ES utilize a “genetically engineered form of ephedrine,” surely not as safe or natural as Hoodia. Stimerex-Es recognizes the all the elements in the weight reduction fight: enhancing metabolism to reduce fat and reducing appetite to decrease calories; they just don’t seem to efficiently address these in their formula.

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